Candy Crush Saga stands out as the best possible game when referring to mobile engagement. It is played by millions and in 2013 it brought in the highest revenue of all Facebook games. The revenue was mostly obtained because of the fact that people bought power-ups. When reaching time levels, a lot of people wanted to buy since the entire experience was frustrating. However, beating time levels is not as difficult as many might think. All that you really need to do is consider the following Candy Crush tips.

For starters, whenever you get a bomb candy of any kind, you need to use it fast. This is different than in regular games since you do not have the luxury of planning your moves way in advance. When you play the time level, you need to understand that you also need a little luck to pass but even if you do have the luck, if you waste time thinking about the following moves, you will not be successful.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that it is a really good idea to do moves at the bottom of the board. That can trigger other combos automatically. When you focus on the upper part of the board, you lose the potential of triggering strong combos. Also, you need to have as much candy drop as possible because some of them will include a five seconds bonus. That bonus is sometimes crucial in the success of a Candy Crush Saga time level.

On the whole, these are the tips that you need to remember when playing Candy Crush Saga time levels. It is not that hard to pass them after you practice a little. Just remember to quickly use a power-up when you get it and to do moves as low as possible on the board.

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